Saturday, August 17, 2013

My First Date with a Shiny New Idea

So I've been spending a lot of time lately brainstorming new ideas. Not that I need something new to write, but I want something new. The idea of writing a new idea fills my stomach with spastic butterflies. But a shiny new idea for a story is like a first kiss.

All that anticipation leading up to an event that isn't as great as you imagined.

Not that I have problems coming up with ideas. I've got dozens of 'em running through my brain every day. The problem is chasing down one of those ideas and seeing if I can do the hard part - turn that idea into a story.

Stories are much bigger than ideas. Stores take a fluid, boundless idea and attempt to shape it into something concrete. They require developed characters that have wants and needs that are then thwarted by a problem. They require work.

And that is where the shiny new idea loses its luster. Work. Fun work. But work.

So yeah, ideas are like kisses. Exciting when in your head, but not quite as exciting when they become real. Because after that moment of plucking the idea out of my head and placing it on a page, I have to flirt with it, date it, and then ultimately commit to it - or set it free while I continue to search for "the one."

So who am I to my story ideas? A loyal girlfriend? Or a commitment-phobe?

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